Leer Hollywood-superster Jetta Goudal kennen in dit uitgebreide archief. Geniet van vintage foto’s, oude krantenartikelen, video’s en films over deze mysterieuze vrouw.


Chigaco Daily Tribune 1923

´Miss Jetta Goudal, French Woman, talks to Doris Blake on vamps and winning men.´

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L.A. Times 1924

´She sighed with ecstasy: at last I am in Los Angeles.´

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Het Volk 1925

´Dat zij zich thans Jetta Goudal noemt en over haar Fransche afkomst raaskalt…´

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Chicago Daily Tribune 1925

´Jetta Goudal Tells How to Add Loveliness to Your Hands´

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Brief van Jetta aan De Mille 1925

´A word about the Road to Yesterday.´

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Kaartje van Jetta aan De Mille 1926

´You dearest, nicest, most wonderful, most brilliant Papa De Mille.´

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Brief van De Mille aan Jetta 1926

´I have every confidence in your ability and expect your career to be one of my real achievements.´

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Jetta op de payroll bij De Mille 1927

´Weekoverzicht acteurs en actrices bij De Mille Pictures Corporation´

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Brief van Jetta aan De Mille 1928

‘Don’t you know that I have been sick and heartbroken over the whole matter.’

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Contract Jetta en MGM 1928

‘MGM engages the artist at a salary of SEVENTEEN HUNDRED & FIFTY Dollars per week.’

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Photoplay 1929

‘Sunday Night at Jetta’s. ‘Casanova’ Busby goes exotic and has a date with the mysterious Goudal’

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The Hartford Courant 1929

´I entertained a belief that I might be able to penetrate the veil shrouding her identity in mystery´

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L.A. Times 1929

´Jetta in tears before court. Director ruined her art. She testifies.´

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